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Leadership In Action

With Intentional Institute, we will show you specific steps to take to lead differently than you have before. You will get ongoing skill development – real “how to’s” of leadership.
For example, you will learn:
  • very specific things you can do to develop people and their leadership skills
  • detailed ways for you to institute change
  • the right steps for how to make your strategy fit into your existing culture – Imagine your organization implementing new, fresh ideas without ever losing a sense of who you are.
Imagine a healthy culture in which you, and the people around you, are working to implement your vision and strategy instead of putting out fires and always dealing with the immediate?

Imagine what it would be like to spend the majority of your time investing in the people and the projects that move your organization forward. No more sideways energy. No more stepping backwards.

Always Fresh New Material

I'll show you what to do and how to do it. Intentional Impact is skill-based, content that’s fresh, designed for you to lead in your context. And we don’t leave you by yourself, you have the opportunity to interact with peers who are doing the same things. It’s all online so you can do this on your own time.

And then – perhaps one of the most important components of Intentional Institute – is that we stay with you. To answer your questions. You will have access to us, to ME. Together, we will help you and you will move forward.

We're not the only ones excited about Intentional Institute!

"When it comes to leadership development, training and coaching, I can say without a doubt that Brian Zehr is the best I've ever been around. Not only would NewThing not be what it is today without him, many of our churches would not be nearly as effective in their impact if it weren't for Brian's influence."

Dave Ferguson

NewThing Co-Founder and Author of “Finding Your Way Back to God

"What I enjoy is the every day practicality of it. It is not just theories, ideas or another cookie-cutter model. It is organic in nature. It inspires and challenges us to discover what our distinctiveness is to and for the work of the Kingdom."

Angela A. Pleasants

Senior Pastor, First United Methodist Church, Mount Holly, NC

"Intentional Institute has been one of the greatest resources that I have found as I continue to lead all of my teams to action!" (CLICK TO WATCH PASTOR KNOPP'S TESTIMONIAL VIDEO)

Stephen Knopp

Pastor, 801 South, Mathews, NC

Here's Exactly What You'll Get Inside Intentional Institute

  • Video lessons, tools, PDFs, interviews, a private community forum, all personalized for you!
  • Center for Excellence - a deep dive into a leadership concept, so you gain new ways and insights to enhance your leadership skills. We present a variety of skills training, interviews and best-practices for you to help close the gap between your ideas – the vision you have – and the desired outcome. We show you HOW to take these aspects and apply them to your own setting and utilize your influence to bring about change.
  • Toolbox - we bring you an ever-increasing supply of tools, worksheets and specific ‘how-to’ checklists to address leadership challenges you may be facing. We’ll tackle large-scale topics such as vision & strategy, as well as the more complex day-to-day challenges of having those “difficult conversations” or working through leadership turnover. These resources are thoughtfully designed so you can move forward with confidence.
  • Live Q&A Call – we get together via webinar once a month to give you an opportunity to submit your questions and get them answered in a live context. We’ll make it lively and we will record the calls, so that if you can’t make it when the call is scheduled, you can at least ‘catch up’ and listen to the replay when you have time.
  • “Bonus” content - on top of all this, we will always strive to bring you fresh, relevant, unscheduled material. Whenever we find something, or someone, of interest, worth sharing with you – we will!
  • MOST IMPORTANTLY is our Member Forum. Here is truly where the “rubber hits the road”. We know that action takes place when accountability is present. Allow yourself to be held accountable and learn from peers – others who are on similar leadership journeys. You can post your own questions and respond to others’. Gain insights, answers to questions, share strategies and implementation ideas – knowing that you are not alone. Being a member of Intentional Institute opens the doors to a world-wide community of leaders to provide inspiration, accolades, accountability or simply a comforting ear. From time to time I will duck in to see where I can add input – and so will my colleagues and fellow faculty members. However you use the Member Forum – just know that THIS is the most POWERFUL component of Intentional Institute!
  • Learn specific steps to take to lead differently than you have before.
  • Achieve ongoing skill development with real “how to’s” of leadership, for example very specific things you can do to develop people and their leadership skills, or detailed ways for you to institute change.
  • Identify the right steps for how to make your strategy fit into your existing culture.

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I look forward to personally guide you to achieving your leadership potential. Take action now. Bring your God-given dream, and the impact of God’s plan for you, to those you lead. Open the doors for those whose lives your dream can impact. Imagine the impact they can have, too.


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Brian Zehr